How we work

We deliver our premium services through our expertise and passion for the art world.
To find unique art that suits your needs and preferences, we believe the below themes play an important role in making the project an even bigger success:

Express your art preferences

The art world offers endless opportunities and therefore it is essential to narrow down preferences. If you are not aware of what you want or what you like, we can help you develop your taste.
Furthermore, your art is your statement. In other words, your art collection says something about you.
This is why it is valuable for us to source artworks that are in line with your individuality, this is equally important whether you are a private collector, a corporate or a brand.

Harmony with your interior

Art and interior spaces are interconnected: they need to bond and create synergy in order to give a sense of harmony to who lives, works or walks into the space. To hang art with the idea of filling up the blank walls is the opposite of what we do. Every interior has focus points and a potential that we want to appreciate and every artwork should be given the best display it deserves.

Uniquely sourced

Sourcing art requires time, dedication, passion, but also art market knowledge, academic research, intuition and a cultivated eye.
Prime Art Insiders is always on the move internationally to find the finest art pieces, spanning from the most popular art scenes to the most hidden art gems. We are committed to a busy agenda whereby we keep ourselves up-to-date with the best developments, opportunities and discoveries in the art world.

Illustrative overview of typical steps from start to finish


During our first meeting, we get to know your intentions, budget and aesthetic preferences (should you have them already). On this occasion, we usually see the interior space where you would like to showcase art.


Based on your needs and specifications, taking into account your interior space, we proceed with a tailor-made research through all the sales channels to source for you the best opportunities in the art world.


At this stage, we present you our selection of artworks. We talk about each artwork in terms of quality, rarity, value, investment, provenance, and any other related information.


Once we identify any artwork you would like to purchase, we help you throughout the full acquisition process and check all documentation thoroughly.

5. FRAMING (if necessary)

We only work with the best framers. A frame does not only have an aesthetic function, but also protects an artwork. We provide advice and work together with you in choosing your frame.


We organise transportation and installation through our network of professionals, providing you a seamless experience until the end.

Are you inspired to find uniquely sourced art? Get in touch with us for an informal chat.

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